Loft Conversions

We're a trusted and reliable loft conversion specialist improving homes across Sussex and Surrey.

Dedicated & professional service team

Quite a few of our customers come to us having spent many years and a significant amount of money creating their dream home, only to find themselves suddenly outgrowing it.  Converting a loft can be a great way to add value to a property but also transform it so that it can meet the needs of a growing family.


Our friendly and dedicated team can help guide you to the right loft conversion one that will meet your needs and help you through the process.

Add much-needed space and increase value to your property

A home office

Perfect way to work in comfort with peace and quiet.

Personal home gym

Train at your leisure at a time that suits you

Man Cave

The Den, last bastion of sanctitude 

Kids games room

A space for the Kids to game and keep the toys.

Music Studio 

Practice in your very own studio

A bedroom/bathroom

Add an extra bedroom with en-suite shower or bathroom

Types of Loft Conversions

If you’re looking for a straightforward, efficient and cost-effective solution, you may settle upon our highly popular Dormer loft conversion, or fully utilise the potential of your sloping roof using our Hip-to-Gable option.

For owners of larger properties, a more specialised solution may be appropriate: the L-shaped loft conversion opens up floor space across a main building and a rear extension, meanwhile, a Mansard conversion optimises both space and light, transforming your attic into a whole new storey for your property.


Dormer Conversion


Two Window Dormer

Velux windows on bungalow_edited.jpg

Skylight Conversion

Gable end with rear dormer_edited.jpg

Hip to Gable & Rear Dormer

'L' shaped dormer_edited.jpg

L-Shaped Dormer

Choosing a Loft Conversion Specialist

It can be difficult to find a loft conversion company that is able meet all the requirements necessary in regards to cost, skill sets and professionalism. 


Premier has been doing this for over 25 years, our experienced back office team manages the process from inception to completion.  Our in house designer, contracts manager, construction manager and customer service team will be working with you every step of the way.  


Can I convert my loft space?

While most buildings can accommodate some kind of loft conversion, for some homes, only a certain type of conversion may be possible and your home will need to meet building standards such as ceiling height, structural support, access etc.

Cabrio velux window_edited.jpg

Is planning permission required for a loft conversion?

In the case of certain properties, it may be necessary to apply for planning permission (for example, if the building is located in a conservation area).

What building regulations will apply?

Building regulations will inevitably come into play for even minor works, and must be considered. For more important information on the legal side of things, visit our planning page.